An event of appreciation and collaboration for eastern artists and eastern music lovers. MOVE IT FEST is the first and biggest event that combines musicians and music lovers from the east in one moment.

To make a good ecosystem for musicians and content creators. IDE Timur, through MOVE IT WORKSHOP, provides educational facilities, exchanges information with experts, and knowledge of the related industry. This program open to all musicians and content creators from east Indonesia.

MOVE IT activity and program bring offline and online audiences into one spirit. The spirit who will bring east music and content creator ecosystem to be better. Not just people who attend MOVE IT the hybrid audience from all around the country will contribute and experience the MOVE IT Movement.


East Indonesia musician, content creator, and its fans now have their home. The first home that gives them a stage to express their passion, beauty, and enthusiasm. MOVE IT will make the biggest collaboration with everyone who has the same dream and spirit to bring eastern masterpiece better.


Through all the program MOVE IT not only give them one shoot activation but also a sustainability action for a better future. Education, sharing session, the biggest stage, and many more movement will empower them to move their dream into reality.


MOVE IT and IDE Timur will not stop on the day that we make the event, but we will continue the movement until every musician, content creator, and music enthusiast have a bright future. We will give our best effort and support them to fulfill their dream.